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Melbourne taxi car seat

Yarra Chauffeurs, let you have a best experience of Melbourne taxi car seat in the most comfortable, safe & affordable rides and Airport transfer.

Are you searching for trustworthy and secure Baby Seat Taxi Melbourne? Do you want to make sure that your kid is completely safe and comfortable? Do you want to travel with all the perfect facilities accessible to your child? In that case, you are on the correct place! Welcome to Yarra chauffeurs’ Melbourne taxi car seat, Melbourne, thanks a lot for visiting our website. Our taxi services specialise in taxis with children’s seats. Operating for over 10 years now, we have achieved a spotless reputation as we have always been transparent with all our clients, understanding and family friendly.

Baby Seat Taxis Melbourne

Why Choose Yarra Chauffeurs? for Taxi with Baby Seat.

At Yarra chauffeurs, we have notably expert and professional drivers working with us, who are well acquainted to serve you royally and conduct the entire experience smoothly, as there is going to be a toddler on board. We follow every single regulation set by the authorities, and hold all the legal permits we need to.

Opt for Yarra chauffeurs’ Baby Seat Taxi Melbourne near royal women’s hospital and baby seat taxi near Sandringham Hospital as we are considered as one of the top-class chauffeured car hire service suppliers or baby seat taxis available in Melbourne. We offer all kinds of facilities to ensure that proper care is being taken of your child. What makes us special is the fact that have the best of sitting arrangements, to give your child the best of comforts during the journey.

Baby Seat Taxis Melbourne

Book Taxi With Baby Seat in Melbourne City

Who would like to land all tired and begin finding the taxi point, wait in long queues, having to take care of the luggage also and on top of that, handling kids! This all is enough to disturb one’s peace and give them a bad travel experience. Arriving at the airport in a hurry and then manage them kids can stress the hell out of anyone!  To avoid all of these situations, book Yarra chauffeurs for a magnificent experience. We always arrive before time -no matter whether we are picking you up or dropping you off, we will take care of your luggage as well. What can be better than booking a taxi with them baby seats fixed for your kids along with all the add ons mentioned above.

The sole reason why we differ from other Taxi or Uber companies is that we choose all our drivers very carefully and provide them training by an experienced child restraint fitter. We train our chauffeurs very well to serve our clients in the finest manners. Our drivers are absolutely punctual, smart, presentable, safe and reliable. Thus, we say it confidently and guarantee that we give the safest and most trustworthy car hire service to our customers.

Benefits of Choosing Our Taxis with Baby Seat in Melbourne

  • We cherry pick our chauffeurs and give them perfect training for child restraint fitting, hence, ensuring -professional installation of all baby seats in our cars for proper safety of your babies.
  • We hold an experience of over 10 years, enabling us to run smooth, top class, secure and trustworthy taxi services around Melbourne, providing smart chauffeurs, airport transfers, people movers, minibus services and baby seating in taxis.
  • The hiring services we proffer, and the booking facilities we lend you are swift and genuinely commendable.
  • We show you a huge luxurious range and let you choose the car of your own choice.
  • We put in most of our efforts to ensure hygienic, clean, tidy, and odourless rides for you, so you do not have to think or worry at all about the cleanliness of our vehicles or chauffeurs serving you.
  • Cleaning and service of our vehicles takes place regularly for maximum hygiene and safety of you and your child, or friends or family.
  • Timing is also our priority, we can be anything but late. We aim at arriving before time rather than on time, just to make sure that you are always on time for whatever you are doing, going somewhere or coming back.
  • The interiors as well as the exteriors of our vehicles is simply fantastic. And we keep on trying to improve at everything, in order to make our clients comfortable.  Well mannered, well trained, and well spoken drivers will be serving you, which means no hassle or fuss, just relaxing with your child on a trip.

Customers’ arrival to their destinations earlier than the given time consistently and with whole comfort is due to the excellent quality of our vehicles, their brilliant thorough maintenance, our professionally trained chauffeurs and it is also down to our focus on an  unattainable client service, as we put our customers first. What makes Yarra chauffeurs more reliable, safe and successful than rest is the first-hand experience with our customers and looking forward to taking any feedback to improve ourselves and our services for our customers who have to travel with babies with them. We never feel content or satisfied with what we have already achieved but always look for opportunities to get to know our mistakes or any kind of loopholes.

Types of Baby Seats Used in Taxis

We understand the whole scenario of traveling with a baby or child, and the small obstacles which one has to face and go through. So we try to help out our clients with a peaceful ride, zero seating or luggage stress, majestic presentation, no interference of any kind and a highly safe journey. We offer different baby seats in taxi like capsule seats(0 to 6months), the common baby seats(0 to 2 years), toddler seats(1 to 4 years) and booster seats(4 to 7 years).

  •  Capsule Seat: if you want your child to be held tight comfortably in that long journey of yours, this one is the right choice for you. It is meant for new borns upto 6 months old babies. The coverings are designed to provide absolute comfort and warmth to your child.
  • Baby Seat: these seats are meant for age group 0 to 2 years old babies, and are rear facing. Completely relaxing and spacious, these seats are perfect for your children during your journey.
  • Toddler Seat: your child who is between 1 to 4 years of age probably needs more space to sit now. We are most confident to provide complete comfort to you and your kid while travelling.
  • Booster Seat: these seats are meant for the age group of 4 to 7 years of kids.

We make sure to comply with the Australian standards and so do our baby seats. Our aim is to provide car hire services which ensure safety, reliability and stress-free traveling. We eliminate all your worries out of traveling while incorporating security and trust in each booking. We attentively select all our vehicles to add to our fleet so that our clients experience the best in every possible situations. You definitely don’t have to worry much, once you book us. We are in steady contact with our travellers to make sure that they stay updated and track their bookings.

Feel free to reach out and contact us if needed. We proudly claim that our services are high end, safe, punctual, caring and most importantly proffer you the finest chauffeurs. Book us now.

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    Feel free to reach out and contact us if needed. We proudly claim that our services are high end, safe, punctual, caring and most importantly proffer you the finest chauffeurs.